Monday, July 27, 2009

Everything's Comin' up Joy!

Wow.  I come back from a no-technology vacation to find that Phish will be playing their three-day festival in late October a mere one hundred and forty miles from my house. The announcement, mind you, comes on the heels of the other momentous events of Phish debuting their song “Joy” in New Jersey—my home state, for those of you not paying attention—and then naming their album after me as well. 

All those years of traveling far and wide across this great country…and come fall, I will only have to drive about two and a half hours.  This is more like it! All I have to say is, thank you, Phish.  Thank you.

And just to thank you for reading this far, here’s some more reading.  Stop groaning.  What else do you really need to be doing right now, anyway?  The FAQ on the Phish website is pretty freakin’ hilarious.  Enjoy!


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